Those Opponents of Development Find My Travels ‘Unupyogi’: Uttar Pradesh CM | India News

Those Opponents of Development Find My Travels ‘Unupyogi’: Uttar Pradesh CM |  India News
LUCK: In a strong attack on the Opposition after Prime Minister Narendra Modi endorsed him as ‘UPYogi’, CM Yogi Adityanath said that those who disliked development would find his tour of the state to be ‘unupyogi’ or useless, those who liked riots would find the government’s action against the mafia and criminals ‘unupyogi’ and those who used the poor as a vote bank would find the state’s ease of living rankings ‘unupyogi’.
Speaking at the Conclave of The Times of India Destination Uttar Pradesh on Monday, the CM said that by the time his “friends from the Opposition” woke up, he would have already toured several districts.
“There are people who think that my tour is unupyogi, but the people of UP have already turned them into unupyogi. Our government works with three objectives: nationalism, good government and development. We are not among those who practice our religion inside our homes or put on tika, but they erase it when we go out. If we do not hesitate to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai at home, we also do not hesitate to say it in public, ”said the CM. He added that by connecting good governance with nationalism, his government had focused on providing better security, stopping corruption entirely, and improving the ease of living and the ease of doing business.
“The UP was believed to be an obstacle to the progress of the country. In the past five years, UP has shown that it is not an obstacle but is ahead of everyone else to lead India on the path of development, ”he said.
Referring to previous governments, Yogi said that for them, development was limited to oneself or the family and, if extended to anyone, it would only include people of their caste. His government, on the other hand, had recognized UP as one big family and implemented a sustainable development model, he said.
The state, he added, was developing under 734 urban local entities. The Center had identified 10 smart cities, while the UP government had added another seven to the list. We are improving basic facilities and now, in 50 parameters of ease of living, UP is the first, he said.

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