The old assembly building also had space allocated for namaaz: Jharkhand Speaker

The old assembly building also had space allocated for namaaz: Jharkhand Speaker

With the opposition BJP Continuing to disrupt the House proceedings for a notice allocating a room to offer namaaz at the Jharkhand Assembly, President Rabindranath Mahato said Tuesday that the former assembly building also had a room assigned for that purpose.

“In the old assembly building, there also used to be a room, which had been assigned to offer namaaz,” the Spokesman said. The Indian Express.

On whether a similar notification was issued earlier, Mahato said, “Why go to the notification part? You should check the drawings of the old assembly building.”

The Spokesman, however, said he was not sure whether the old plan of the building can be shared. “I have to consult with the officials [of the Assembly Secretariat] about what can be made public, “he said.

The spokesperson was referring to the complex that was used here before Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new assembly building in September 2019.

Although Mahato declined to comment on whose orders the last notification was issued, the September 2 order issued by the Jharkhand Assembly Secretariat that was signed by Undersecretary Navin Kumar read: “In the New Vidhan Sabha building, room number TW-348 is assigned to offer namaaz. This is by order of the President of the Assembly. “

Currently, the assembly has four Muslims out of a total of 81 MLA.

Minority Welfare Minister Hafizul Hassan said that although he or any other Muslim MLA had not made a formal request for a namaaz room, there are around 50 Muslims who hold various positions in the assembly each time it is in session. “I don’t think there is any problem with the allocation of rooms. We also offered namaaz before, but the rooms weren’t formally assigned, ”Hassan said. “Before, my father [minister Haji Hussain Ansari who died last year] he used to say that he also offered namaaz in the old assembly building. “

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Senior officers The Indian Express spoke with said they did not know if any of those rooms had been assigned in the past.

Although former congressional deputy Furkaan Ansari said that in 2000 then-President Inder Singh Namdhari had allocated a room in the assembly for the Namaaz, the latter denied it.

Singh said that at the Bihar assembly in the 1980s, members of the Muslim justice system were given a space to offer namaaz. “Some members of the Muslim justice system had demanded time off from the proceedings, as they had to go to the mosque to offer prayers. They were allowed, and then they were also given a room to offer namaaz, ”said Singh, who was an MLA from Bihar before the fork of the state in 2000.

The problem continued to disrupt House proceedings Tuesday with the BJP MLA entering the Pit and chanting the slogans Hanuman Chalisa and “Jai Shri Ram.” They protested against the order and demanded the construction of a temple on the site of the assembly.

Spokesman Mahato told protesting community members: “Please go back to your seats … It hurts … If you are angry, hit me but don’t interrupt the process.”

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