The government invites the leaders of 5 parties to dialogue, the opposition cries lack

The government invites the leaders of 5 parties to dialogue, the opposition cries lack

The Center on Sunday invited the leaders of five parties whose MPs had been suspended for a discussion Monday to resolve the Rajya Sabha deadlock. Congress and other parties, however, said that the government was trying to divide the Opposition.

Opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge responded to Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi’s invitation to the meeting by saying: “All opposition parties are united in the protest against the suspension of the 12 MPs. We have been requesting since the afternoon of November 29 that Rajya Sabha Speaker or House Leader Piyush Goyal call the leaders of all opposition parties for a discussion to break the deadlock. This reasonable request of ours has not been granted … ”. He added that inviting only leaders from a few parties, rather than all Opposition parties, was “unfair and unfortunate.”

The 12 MPs: Phulo Devi Netam, Chhaya Verma, Ripun Bora, Rajamani Patel, Syed Nasir Hussain and Akhilesh Prasad Singh from Congress; Dola Sen and Shanta Chhetri from the Trinamool Congress; Priyanka Chaturvedi and Anil Desai from Shiv Sena; Elamaram Kareem of CPI (M); and CPI’s Binoy Viswam – were suspended on the opening day of the Winter Session.

The Trinamool Congress called on the government to invite a “trick”.

TMC Rajya Sabha leader Derek O’Brien tweeted that the invitation leaves out 10 opposition parties. “… Trick failed. ALL OPPN clear: first revoke the arbitrary suspension, “he wrote.

Another opposition leader accused the government of trying to use the “divide and rule” policy by selectively inviting parties to the meeting.

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The leader of the PCI, Binoy Viswam, also said that the Opposition was united in the fight against the suspension of the 12 deputies. “Summoning five parties to discuss at the end of the session is (a movement) to divide the unity of the Opposition. CPI will not subscribe. The final decision will be taken tomorrow (Monday) at the joint meeting of the Opposition ”, he said.

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