Tata Steel and Tata Power to Establish 41MW Solar Projects in Jharkhand, Odisha

Tata Steel and Tata Power to Establish 41MW Solar Projects in Jharkhand, Odisha

Mumbai: Tata Steel and Tata Power, the two flagship companies of the Tata Group, have teamed up to develop a grid-connected solar project in Jharkhand and Odisha.

The companies have signed a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to establish a 41MW solar project, which will be a combination of rooftop, floating and ground-mounted solar panels. Under the project, Tata Power will develop photovoltaic (PV) capacities for Tata Steel in Jamshedpur (21.97 MWp) and Kalinganagar (19.22 MWp).

Under this PPA, at Jamshedpur, Tata Power will develop photovoltaic roofs with a capacity of 7.57 MWp, while floating and ground-mounted capacity would be 10.80 MWp and 3.6MWp, respectively. The ground-mounted PV will be installed at Sonari Airport, Jamshedpur. Kalinganagar will have a rooftop PV capacity of 9.12 MWp, and floating PV will constitute 10.10 MWp.

The estimated power generation through the 41.19MWp solar project is 6, 02, 80,095 kWh for the first year. During its useful life (that is, for 25 years), the total energy generation would be 1,40,93,61,488 kWh. The project will help save 45,210 tons of CO2 per year and 1057021 tons during its useful life (25 years).

In March, the two companies had announced that they would develop a 15MW solar project in Jamshedpur. This project would generate an average of 32 MUs of energy per year. It will help offset approximately an average of 25.8 million kilograms of CO2 per year. In early 2017, Tata Power Solar had commissioned a 3MW solar PV plant at Tata Steel’s iron ore mine in Noamundi. This was the first solar power plant of its kind in any iron ore mine in the country.

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TV Narendran, CEO and CEO of Tata Steel, said: “We have taken several definitive steps along the value chain to reinforce our sustainability credentials. In the recent past, energy generation projects from solar and unconventional energy sources have gained momentum at our operating locations. We will continue our search for clean energy solutions and expand our renewable energy footprint. “

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