Taliban: Open to receive Indian diplomats, humanitarian aid: Taliban

Taliban: Open to receive Indian diplomats, humanitarian aid: Taliban
Amid renewed efforts by the Kabul government to seek international recognition, the Taliban have said they are open to receiving Indian diplomats and providing them with security.
And as winter approaches, which threatens to worsen Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis, Taliban spokesman and UN ambassador-designate Suhail Shaheen also told ToI that the Taliban would welcome help at this critical juncture. .
“We are open to receiving all diplomats and committed to providing security for their routine diplomatic functions,” Shaheen said, responding to a question from ToI on whether Indian diplomats can return to Afghanistan or not.
“Similarly, we welcome humanitarian aid at this critical time as winter is just around the corner,” he added, when asked about India’s offer of aid to Afghanistan on the sidelines. recent talks of the Moscow Format.
Unlike their silence on the first official engagement with India in Doha in August this year, the Taliban were quick to confirm the meeting with an Indian delegation in Moscow last month. They also said that India had offered humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan at the Moscow meeting and that both sides felt that it was necessary to take into account the concerns of others and improve “diplomatic and economic relations”.
The Indian government is likely to focus on humanitarian assistance for the Afghan people at a conference of national security advisers it has proposed to host next month. India has also been exploring the possibility of delivering humanitarian aid to Afghans through the Wagah-Attari land border. Significantly, the government sought to know last month from Pakistan, which prevents India from exporting to Afghanistan via the aforementioned route, whether it would allow India to transport a large shipment of wheat (around 50,000 MT) and medical aid to Afghanistan.
While it will be interesting to see in the coming days whether or not Pakistan facilitates this initiative, India must first ensure that there is a guarantee of non-discriminatory distribution of food and medical aid once it reaches Afghanistan. India believes that such an exercise should be monitored by the UN.
Shaheen’s remarks also come amid a renewed speech by the Taliban government in Kabul to seek international legitimacy. The Taliban warned the United States and other countries last week that if their demands for recognition were not met and if Afghan funds abroad remained frozen, it could become a problem not only for the region but for the world.
“Our message to the United States is, if the ignorance continues, the Afghan problems continue, it is the problem of the region and it could become a problem for the world,” Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid was quoted as saying.
India withdrew its diplomats from Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover of Kabul and has so far dismissed official recognition from the Kabul government saying it is not inclusive. Even Russia, while working closely with the Taliban, has maintained that it is in no rush to recognize the Taliban and will wait to see if they deliver on their promises. While Pakistan has also not officially recognized the Taliban government, it allowed Taliban diplomats to take control of the Afghan embassy in Islamabad last week, according to media reports.

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