Swati Verma of Jharkhand enters the AITA quarterfinals

Swati Verma of Jharkhand enters the AITA quarterfinals

Steven Ankit Ekka of Odisha knocks down top seed Shagnik Bose of Bengal

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Published 09.11.21, 20:16

Swati Verma of Jharkhand turned out to be the sole standard-bearer for the state in the quarterfinals of the ongoing 2021 Tata Steel All India Tennis Association (AITA) Championship Series, which will take place on the DecoTurf courts of the JRD Tata Sports Complex.

Verma secured 10 points in the national ranking in the female under-18 category on the second day of the tournament on Tuesday. She defeated Adrija De of Bengal in a direct match 6-0,6-3 to enter the quarterfinals of the singles event. She will face fourth-seeded Tanisha Roy, from Bengal, in the last eight meetings.

In the boys under 18 category, under-seeded Steven Ankit Ekka from Odisha defeated Bengal’s top seed Shagnik Bose 6-4.6-1 outright. Ekka will face Divyansh Prahladka of Bengal in the quarter-finals, who in turn defeated seventh-seeded Subhro Kanti Ganguli of Uttar Pradesh. Also making an early start was fourth seed Tamoghna Das of Bengal who fell against Vaibhav Singh of Bihar.

In other girls’ singles matches of the day, Bengal’s Sumeira Jaiswal shut out Anshika Raj of Jharkhand 6-0.6-0, while Kinza Shaikh, also of Bengal, beat fellow state Tulip Chatterjee 6-0.6 -2 even when Vanshika Agarwal of Bengal defeated Jharkhand 6-0.6-0. In another Bengal clash, Samriddha Basu defeated Priyasakhi Sajnani 7-5.6-1 while Tanisha Roy (Bengal) defeated Srisha hakraborty of Tripura 6-1.6-1.

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Amrusha Sanjayl (Bengal), meanwhile, beat his compatriot Sohini Chatterjee 7-5,6-1.

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