STEM Labs to Develop a Culture of Innovation in Jharkhand Government Schools

STEM Labs to Develop a Culture of Innovation in Jharkhand Government Schools

The Jharkhand government is aimed at achieving excellence in quality education, and now envisions going beyond traditional forms of education. He has decided to launch an initiative to transform public schools into model schools with the development of STEM laboratories in Jharkhand.

STEM refers to the field of study in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The biggest advantage of STEM labs is that it aims to increase competitiveness through a hands-on approach in the educational institute.

The government as a pilot would install STEM laboratories in 5 blocks in Ranchi. Focusing on students who have a flair for subjects related to mathematics, science, and technology, the labs will help impart practical learning and problem-solving skills to students based on the theories taught in regular classes.

The main underlying problems that prevail in public schools include student attendance and overall learning outcomes. The government believes that such a project will help in terms of added value and in creating an interactive atmosphere for students.

STEM labs will be open to all public school students

The project is being implemented through the state government innovation fund and has been adopted in the Ranchi district. According to an administration official, the labs will be open to students from all government schools in the respective block. After evaluating the impact of this project, similar laboratories will be installed in all blocks.

In many developed and developing countries around the world, STEM labs have become the norm. However, it has not yet become a common practice in Indian schools.

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of ​​educating students in four specific disciplines, namely science and technology, engineering and mathematics through an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teaching the four disciplines as a separate module, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.

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The pedagogy of traditional education in India still focuses on books and numbers, while very little importance is given to the practical implementation of these theories. This scenario changes with STEM education. Labs will give students the space to think freely and create something for themselves.

STEM laboratories equipped with different exhibits

In order for the children of Jharkhand to have access to the international standard of education and become innovative, the government is taking a step towards providing an applied learning space in public schools.

The laboratory is equipped with different exhibits related to the module of the subject that is taught in the schools curriculum, such as Pinhole Camera, LED-based Heart, Eye Model, Ear Model, Infinity Wall, Sound in different media , Soil layer, Solar system. , Hand pump, solar power system, hydro turbine, etc.

Some other exhibits in the labs are the engine model, the sensor setup, the telescope, the generator, the skeletal system, the Newton’s law of motion setup, the biodiversity setup, the different types of robots, the projector, tab, interactive computing device, etc.

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