Spokesperson defends namaz hall at Jharkhand assembly | Ranchi News

Spokesperson defends namaz hall at Jharkhand assembly |  Ranchi News
RANCHI: The allocation of a namaz room in the new premises of the legislative assembly in Jharkhand has sparked a controversy with the opposition BJP questioning the president of the assembly and the state government about their partial attitude towards a religion.
The BJP organized protests on Sunday demanding the revocation of order or the installation of places of worship for other religions, notably a Hanuman mandir and a ‘Scabies sthal ‘. BJP Head Whip Biranchi Narayan He has also written to Mahto saying that the party will address the court against the allocation of the namaz hall in the assembly and called it “unconstitutional”.
Narayan also demanded a space for Sarna followers, at least five rooms for Hindus to sing Hanuman chalisa, and separate prayer rooms for community members and staff of other faiths.
Defending the measure, Mahato said: “The controversy created by BJP is unwanted and the assembly stands by its decision.” “I don’t know why BJP is meddling unnecessarily. Even in the old assembly building, a room above the library was used to offer namaz on Fridays. After moving into the new building, we have just provided a space for our Muslim brothers to offer prayers. What happens if a place is formally notified?
The assembly has always embraced all beliefs and customs when organizing programs at different festivals. ”

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