‘Some pray, others drink’: SC will not close a bar near the temple | India News

‘Some pray, others drink’: SC will not close a bar near the temple |  India News
NEW DELHI: The mere proximity of a bar to a place of worship, if the statutory distance of 100 meters between the two is maintained, is no reason to close the trough, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday, noting that while some want to Pray , others may want a drink.
The high court was hearing a petitioner who appealed against a Madras high court decision to refuse to close or relocate Jothy Bar, 114.5 m from the entrance to the Throwbathiammam temple in Puducherry.
Representing the petitioner, attorney Nandkumar said: “Even if the bar is not closed, it can be relocated in deference to the sentiments of the public.” He told a court of judges DY Chandrachud and BV Nagarathna that due to the small distance between the bar and the temple, many people get drunk and come to the temple and disturb the rituals and festivals.
“Once the legal distance between the two is maintained, there is little that the courts can do legally. The temple trust has not objected to the existence of the bar in close proximity. Why should we interfere with the decision of HC, “said Chandrachud.
On July 16, a higher court consisting of Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy had overturned a single judge order ordering the authorities to cancel the bar’s license. On appeal, the HC division bank said: “The distance from the outer end of the bar enclosures to the entrance of the Throwbathiammam Temple is 114.5 meters, which far exceeds the forbidden distance.”

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