Service to humanity is the identity of India: Modi during visit to Goa | Latest news India

Service to humanity is the identity of India: Modi during visit to Goa |  Latest news India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that Goa would have freed itself from Portuguese rule much earlier if the country’s Prime Minister of the Interior, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, had lived longer.

Modi, who arrived on a one-day visit to the ballot-bound state, was speaking at a Goa Liberation Day event at the Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee stadium here when he said, “Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel? had been alive for a little longer, Goa would have freed itself sooner. ”

Patel, who served as deputy prime minister in the Jawaharlal Nehru cabinet, died on December 15, 1950. He is credited with liberating the Marathwada region of Maharashtra from the former Nizam government.

Modi said the state came under the rule of Portugal when most of the country was ruled by Mughals, but centuries later, Goa has not forgotten its indigenousness and India has not forgotten Goa.

“People from all corners of India came and joined. Goa was conquered by the Portuguese at a time when, in another part of the country, the Mughals had an empire. Since then, the country has seen so many political storms … despite the passage of time and changes in power, Goa did not forget its Indian character nor did India forget its Goa, ”he told the meeting.

“From the Cuncolim rebellion to the Maratha conflict led by Chatrapati Shivai Maharaj and Sambhaji, there were efforts to liberate Goa. The Pinto revolt was led by native Christians. This is the identity of India. Service to humanity. Efforts were made from so many corners. The country became independent before Goa. Most of the people of India had obtained their rights. Now they had time to live their own dream, but many freedom fighters gave up all of this and continued to fight and sacrifice for the freedom of Goa, ”he said.

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In the past, several leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) blamed Nehru for the delay in the liberation of Goa.

On December 19, 1961, the Indian armed forces liberated the coastal state from Portuguese rule in an operation called “Operation Vijay” after all diplomatic efforts between India and Portugal failed to get the former imperial power to relinquish control of Goa. .

To mark the day, the Prime Minister paid tribute to freedom fighters, both from Goa and outside of Goa, who sacrificed their lives for the Liberation Movement, at the martyr’s memorial here. He also congratulated other freedom fighters and veterans of ‘Operation Vijay’ at the performance. He witnessed a fly-by and a candlelight parade in Miramar.

Modi also inaugurated multiple development projects, for value 650 crore, including a super specialty block from Goa Medical College and Hospital and the renovated Fort Aguada Jail Museum.

“Goa needs to make a new resolution. You should be wondering where you want Goa to be when it celebrates 75 years of Liberation. Make new resolutions. It needs continuity. It should stay the same in the future. We must not stop. We need not to slow down our (development) speed, ”Modi said.

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