Row for Hemant Soren’s comments on Bhojpuri, Magahi

Row for Hemant Soren’s comments on Bhojpuri, Magahi

The prime minister claimed that Bhojpuri and Magahi are Bihar languages ​​and that speaking them could lead to the creation of a Bihar within Jharkhand.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren sparked controversy Tuesday by claiming that tribal peoples who fought for a separate Jharkhand state did so for regional languages ​​rather than Bhojpuri and Magahi, and that those who allegedly raped women during the statehood movement they were abused in Bhojpuri.

The Bihar units of the BJP described the comments of Mr. Soren, who is also the CEO of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), as “highly objectionable” and claimed that they were aimed at dividing society.

The JMM, however, defended it, saying that the promotion of regional languages ​​is a long-standing need in the state.

Jharkhand was sculpted in the southern part of Bihar in November 2000 and Mr. Soren’s party, JMM, played a key role in the movement for the new state.

“The struggle that tribal society fought for a separate state from Jharkhand was for its regional and tribal languages, and not for Bhojpuri or Magahi … Bhojpuri and Magahi are not regional languages ​​but borrowed languages. The speakers of these two languages ​​are dominant people, while the local population is weak. So some of them have started to use the language of powerful people. “

“During the (statehood) movement, those who tortured people and raped women used to abuse them in Bhojpuri. Many of these (tortured) men and women are still alive, ”Soren said in an interview with a news channel.

Stating that Bhojpuri and Magahi are Bihar languages, he said that the creation of a Bihar (‘Biharikaran’) in Jharkhand cannot be allowed.

The Hemant Soren government has decided to promote regional languages ​​in the state.

“The statement of the Chief Minister of Jharkhand regarding the Bhojpuri and Magahi languages ​​is highly objectionable. It is also an attempt to divide society, ”said Bihar BJP President Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal.

This has exposed the mindset of the JMM leader, he claimed.

When contacted, JMM General Secretary and Chief Spokesperson Supriyo Bhattacharya said PTI that the party defends what the Chief Minister has said.

“The promotion of regional languages ​​has been pending for a long time. This is the aspiration of the indigenous people. It is a golden opportunity for them to obtain an identity, ”said Bhattacharya.

Bhojpuri is spoken mainly in Bihar and some other states in India, including Jharkhand and UP, in addition to Nepal and countries like Suriname, Trinidad and Mauritius, where people of Bihar origin live. Magahi is also spoken in Bihar, Jharkhand, and Nepal.

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