Protect the India in You: Rahul Gandhi to Children | Latest news India

Protect the India in You: Rahul Gandhi to Children |  Latest news India

Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi urged children to “protect inner India” in his message to the orphanage in Malappuram, Kerala, on the 75th Independence Day.

“India is not only outside of us, India is also within each one of us. Inland India is how we behave. So if we want to build a strong India and if we want to protect what we love about our country, the best place to start is within ourselves, ”said the Wayanad congressman.

Rahul Gandhi was speaking with the children of the Markaz Darunnajath Banath orphanage and home for the homeless. He posted a video of his message to children on his YouTube channel Sunday night.

He said that if we want India to be a democratic nation, then we should start by talking to our friends when we make decisions that affect them. Instead of saying that we believe in a democratic India, we should act democratically. If many of us act democratically, treat women fairly and love people of all faiths equally, automatically India will start to behave like this too, ”he added.

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He stressed the importance of protecting the idea of ​​India that exists within us and urged children to stand up for people who face injustice.

When one of the children said that hope is diminishing, Gandhi asked them not to be demoralized and said that hope can never diminish.

Hours earlier, Congressional Leader Sonia Gandhi and MP Rahul Gandhi participated in the 75th Independence Day celebrations at the All India Congressional Committee (AICC) headquarters.

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