Police intensify investigation into murder of Jharkhand judge

Police intensify investigation into murder of Jharkhand judge

The Jharkhand High Court had heard suo motu of the matter on Thursday.

Jharkhand police stepped up their investigation on Friday into the “murder” of Dhanbad additional session judge Uttam Anand.

The judge was on his routine morning walk when he was brought down by an auto-rickshaw in Dhanbad on Wednesday morning.

On Thursday, the Jharkhand High Court heard suo motu of the matter. He called on the government to set up a high-level Special Investigation Team (SIT) and report on the progress of the investigation.

Sanjay Anand Lathkar, Additional Director General (Operation) of Jharkhand, head of the SIT investigating the case, discussed the details of the investigation with the Dhanbad police. However, Dhanbad Senior Police Superintendent Sanjeev Kumar declined to share the details of the meeting.

“There is no update that can be shared with the media. The investigation is ongoing. We are taking into account all aspects of the incident. It is not appropriate to share details of the investigation at this stage, ”said Mr. Kumar.

Lakhan Verma, the auto-rickshaw driver, and Rahul Verma, who was in the vehicle, were arrested after the incident. They were interrogated by the team throughout the day.

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