Model Walks Over Piles Of Trash In Viral Clip

Model Walks Over Piles Of Trash In Viral Clip
Miss Jharkhand Landfill Video: A video showing model Surbhi walking on a landfill is going viral on social media. Miss Jharkhand 2020 can be seen in a short red skirt and flat sneakers and walking past a trash heap in Ranchi to draw the attention of the authorities to an important cause. He has collaborated with award-winning photographer Pranjal Kumar, who wanted to highlight the garbage crisis in India.

The photographer, in his Instagram post, said that we generate around 62 million tons of garbage a year. Of this, 75% is left untreated. To shed light on the enormity of the problem, he said that if untreated garbage trucks were placed end to end, they would cover half the distance between the earth and the moon. In addition, each year 31 million tons of waste are sent directly to our landfills, causing it to overflow. Here’s the Instagram post.

His photos have received a lot of praise on social media. One user wrote “Congratulations on raising this critical issue with your photos.”

The project was filmed with a drone camera at a height of 210 feet. Surbhi contracted a skin infection at the landfill and had to go to the doctor for the same. However, their efforts have not been in vain, as Ranchi Municipal Corporation Commissioner Mukesh Kumar laid out a plan to establish a recycling plant in Jhiri. Authorities plan to produce electricity and plastic items from the waste.

He also said that he submitted the same entry for Environmental Photographer of the Year and hopes to win at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in November, where the winners will be announced.

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