Limited Stocks in Jharkhand to Affect Vaccine Campaign | Ranchi News

Limited Stocks in Jharkhand to Affect Vaccine Campaign |  Ranchi News
RANCHI: Operating with a limited stock of Covishield vaccines provided by the state health department the day before, the vaccination Ranchi’s sites struggled to manage the meandering queues of beneficiaries like Tuesday.
It was a tightrope walk for health workers in charge of the 19 city session sites that had been opened to vaccinate urban beneficiaries. Braving the scorching sun and bouts of rain, recipients of all age groups over the age of 18 queued outside for their jabs.
Since the district had little or no stock of Covaxin, a large portion of the recipients who were to receive the second dose were turned away. With only 22,000 doses of Covishield, it was difficult for health workers to ration the doses between recipients who were supposed to receive the second dose and those who had attended the first.
“Most of the session sites operated on a first-come, first-served basis,” said a senior district health services official.
Septuagenarian Manoj Kumar, a resident of the Sector 3 area of ​​Dhurwa, had shown up with his wife, Sarla Devi, at the HEC wellness center for his second dose of Covishield. “We had to wait over an hour to get our doses,” Manoj said. Laxman Xalxo, who came to the government high school campus on the BMP1 campus in Doranda, was turned away. “They told me that due to the shortage of vaccines, only the first doses were administered. I had gone there to get my second dose, ”Xalxo said.
Ranchi’s civil surgeon, Dr. Vinod Kumar, hinted that the vaccine crisis will prevail on Wednesday. “We had received 22,000 doses of Covishield on Monday, of which 21,500 doses were distributed for vaccines on Tuesday. We will not receive any new batches from Covishield today. We should get 2,500 doses of Covaxin tomorrow. Then, the vaccination will be carried out with the doses of Covaxin and the surplus stock of Covishield at the session sites, ”added Kumar.
The state health department said Tuesday that it has distributed 4 lakh doses of Covaxin among 24 districts. Ranchi was assigned 3,400 doses, the highest, followed by Dhanbad with 2,900. The state has a daily goal of vaccinating 1.18 lakh people, while it had doses of 3.52 lakh, enough to last less than three days, the department said.

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