Land Acquisition for Central Jharkhand University Delayed, Land Owner Moves Court | Latest news India

Land Acquisition for Central Jharkhand University Delayed, Land Owner Moves Court |  Latest news India

With the land acquisition process for the permanent campus of Jharkhand Central University lagging behind, one of the owners has transferred to the Jharkhand High Court seeking payment instructions against the land acquisition and the immediate stalling of the wall construction. by the university administration at the next campus on the outskirts of the capital.

The land acquisition process for the university was initiated by the Jharkhand government in 2011 to build the permanent campus of the university, more than a kilometer from the ring road. The state government was to provide 500 acres of land. The university received 319 acres of government land, while the remainder was acquired from private owners in three neighboring villages. The petitioner, Ratanlal Mahto, is a resident of the village of Manatu, where private land is being acquired for the university in addition to two other villages, Cheri and Sukurhutu.

“We are not challenging the acquisition per se. The university administration has begun construction of the border wall, but the private owners have not yet received due compensation. Furthermore, the construction of a wall would obstruct the villagers’ right of way and would also obstruct the flow of water to their adjacent fields. That is why we have prayed to stop construction until the acquisition process is completed, ”said Amit Kumar, lawyer for Ratanlal Mahto.

Construction has started on land allocated by the government, but the process is complicated and some villagers are now claiming their right to even a portion of the allocated land.

On the other hand, the payment process against the acquisition of private land has not yet started. Meanwhile, the amount of compensation has multiplied, due to an increase in the circulation rate and the 2013 Land Acquisition Law, from the moment the site was proposed, the sources said.

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Now one of the owners has moved to court, seeking compensation, the suspension of the wall construction by the university administration and other demands, including access to the religious sites that are located on the assigned land. .

“We have been carrying out several of our religious practices on the lands assigned by the government. We want our access to those places to continue. In addition, the construction of the wall would block the flow of water channels to our fields, so it should be stopped until the acquisition is completed, ”said petitioner Ratanlal Mahto.

In reaction to the development, CUJ Registrar SL Harikumar said that while the state government must carry out the acquisition and payment, the university administration is building the wall on the assigned land.

“According to the agreement between the Center and the state governments, the state had to provide ground, electricity and water connection and access road to the campus. We also want the acquisition to be completed as soon as possible, as the delay is hampering our expansion. We have contacted the state government about it, ”said Harikumar.

On the issue of building a wall, the registrar said that it is being done on the permitted land and also in patches. The construction of the wall would not affect any villagers, he added.

Jharkhand government land and revenue secretary L Khiangnte said government officials have noted complaints about the objection on government land.

“We are investigating it. Prima facie, the claims seem illegal as some applicants have claimed that they used to farm, but it doesn’t seem possible as the entire stretch is rocky. Concerned district officials are investigating him. When it comes to land acquisition and payment, only the higher education department could update its status, ”said Khiangte.

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Higher education secretary KK Khandelwal declined to comment on the issue. “I will comment on it only after I see what is required in the petition,” he said.

The CUJ is currently operating in parts, both from a rented campus and from the campus under construction. While 13 of the 24 academic departments operate from the leased property in Brambe, the remaining 11 academic and administrative departments operate from the new campus.

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