Jharkhand Weather: Heavy rains forecast for the next 24 hours

Jharkhand Weather: Heavy rains forecast for the next 24 hours

Several districts of Jharkhand, including the capital Ranchi, have been receiving heavy rains since Friday morning. Normal life is likely to remain impaired for the next 24 hours, as the meteorological department has forecast heavy to extremely heavy rains in various parts of the state.

While no adverse incidents have yet been reported, the meteorological department has issued a red alert (isolated heavy to extremely heavy rains) in nearly two-thirds of the state’s 24 districts.

“The current period of rain in the state is due to the low pressure system that has accumulated over the Bay of Bengal. Currently, its impact is largely felt in the Northeast and Central districts of the state. It is likely to remain so for the next 24 hours. Gradually, the system will move towards the north and northwest parts of the state before moving on to Bihar, ”said Abhishek Anand, director in charge of the Jharkhand meteorological department.

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Some districts in the north and central area, including Koderma, Dhanbad, Jamtara and Lohardaga, received more rainfall than the rest of the state, ranging between 22% and 52% above normal in the last 24 hours.

The weekly forecast for the state shows that the streak of heavy to extremely heavy rains is expected to continue for about a week in various parts of the state.

“During the week (July 30 to August 5), the rains are likely to continue to be quite widespread. Isolated heavy to extremely intense rains are also likely during the first half of the week. All in all, a large excess of rain is forecast this week, ”Anand said.

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