Jharkhand Teachers’ Chalkboard on Clay Walls to Showcase in Delhi – The New Indian Express

Jharkhand Teachers’ Chalkboard on Clay Walls to Showcase in Delhi – The New Indian Express

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RANCHI: Jharkhand teacher Sapan Kumar, who had made headlines recently for transforming the entire village into a classroom and mud walls into blackboards, has been invited by Rajya Sabha Harivansh Vice President Narayan Singh to show his model of teaching in New Delhi.

Sapan Kumar, director of ‘Utkramit Madhya Vidyalalya’ in the village of Dumarthar in Dumka.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his ‘Mann ki Baat’ also praised the initiative taken by the village of Dumarthar in which the walls double as blackboards for schoolchildren.

Since most children do not have access to smartphones to take classes online, teachers in this tribal-dominated village of Dumka have transformed the entire village into a classroom where the walls serve as a blackboard on which students solve homework assigned by teachers through loudspeakers.

According to Harivansh Narayan Singh, the model adopted by Sapan Kumar is the natural way of teaching. While on the phone with Sapan Kumar, Harivansh also expressed his desire to visit Dumarthar to see his teaching model, whenever he comes to Jharkhand.

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“This is the true education that makes our country and the world move forward. This is the natural method of teaching children, ”Rajya Sabha’s vice president said by phone. Congratulating Kumar, Singh invited him to Delhi so that others can learn about his innovation in the field of education.

Harivansh also said that he would discuss this innovative approach to teaching students who do not have access to smartphones with his colleagues at Rajya Sabha.

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Sapan Kumar, overwhelmed, said that the vice president was very happy with him and highly praised his teaching model. “The vice president was so impressed with this model that he told me that he will discuss it with his colleagues at Rajya Sabha and others on different platforms. So, I told her that this model is actually intended for poor and disadvantaged children who could be adopted by the state or the county, ”said the teacher.

For this innovation, Sapan Kumar was also nominated for the National Teacher Award. Not only in India, but his model is winning praise from intellectuals and teachers around the world.

Interestingly, the government-controlled Chinese television network CCTV also aired a documentary on Sapan Kumar’s innovative approach. Kumar, as previously reported, is also making the children self-sufficient by producing chalk, mats that they sit on while taking classes. They are making brooms to keep the place clean on their own with the resources naturally available in the area.

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