Jharkhand police arrest 4 other officers for murdering Bihar driver and businessman

Jharkhand police arrest 4 other officers for murdering Bihar driver and businessman

Jharkhand police arrested five people on Monday, including one of their officers and four others, and claimed they had solved the mystery of the kidnapping and murder of a Bihar businessman and his driver.

According to the Jharkhand police, they have recovered the skeletons of the businessman and his driver from Pundaga village in Garhwa district. The deceased businessman has been identified as Mithilesh Prasad and his driver Srawan Kumar. Prasad was a prominent businessman in Bihar and a resident of Aurangabad.

According to a senior Jharkhand police officer, Prasad, along with his wife and driver, were returning from Partapur, Chhattisgarh, after reuniting with his son and daughter-in-law on May 25. A Jharkhand police officer, along with four other people, stopped Prasad’s car. on National Highway 139 at Kanda Ghati in Palamu of Jharkhand and Prasad and his driver were kidnapped at gunpoint.

“During our investigation, we learned that the kidnappers were demanding a ransom of Rs 30 lakh. After several rounds of negotiation, the kidnappers agreed to release the Bihar businessman and his driver for a ransom of Rs 10 lakh, ”Jharkhand police said.

According to the Jharkhand police, Prasad’s wife filed a complaint about the kidnapping of the Bihar businessman and his driver with the Palamu police.

“Almost a week after Prasad’s family handed over the ransom to the kidnappers,” Jharkhand police added.

“During our investigation and from our intelligence team, we obtained information about an agent from our force deployed to Deogarh to be the mastermind of the kidnapping,” said a senior Jharkhand police officer.

The Jharkhand police officer further said that the police, after monitoring his movements for several days, detained him for questioning. “During interrogation, he revealed to us that Prasad and his driver had been killed a few hours after his abduction and buried in a wooded area in Garhwa district,” the officer added.

The officer further said that, according to the details provided by the arrested police officer, they arrested four other people involved in the kidnapping and murder and also recovered the skeletons of the two deceased.

The officer further added that they have recovered a rifle and around 80 rounds of bullets from the arrested policeman and four others arrested.

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