Jharkhand Outcome 12: In a first exam, a student from the Birhor tribe passes the exam

Jharkhand Outcome 12: In a first exam, a student from the Birhor tribe passes the exam

Rashmi, a member of the Birhor tribe that is on the brink of extinction, has become the first community student in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh district to pass the upper secondary exam, a senior district official said.

Rashmi Birhor is the first-generation student in her family in Birhor Tola in West Bokaro, which belongs to the Ramgarh district, to attend school and pass the class 12 board exam in the second division, said the Deputy Commissioner Madhavi Mishra.

“The district administration takes seriously the improvement of the condition of the members of the primitive tribe. We will encourage her to pursue higher education. Tata Steel has helped me achieve the feat, ”said Mishra.

She was a student at St Robert’s School in Hazaribagh. Earlier this month, a 16-year-old girl from the same tribe in Hazaribagh district he had passed the matriculation exam.

Birhor is one of the primitive tribes that have their origin in Jharkhand. Currently, there are almost 11,000 people of the tribe residing in the state.

The girl had passed her class 10 board exam two years ago under Project Aakansha ‘, supported by the Tata Steel Foundation. The project, started in 2012, aims to bring about a positive change in the lives of vulnerable tribal communities in the country by supporting the education of the children of these communities, especially girls, said a statement issued by the Tata Steel Foundation.

“My parents want me to study hard and do better in the future as I have tremendous support from the Tata Steel Foundation,” the statement quoted her as saying.

Rashmi said her parents want her to keep moving forward and never feel at a disadvantage. She intends to pursue a diploma course after consulting with her teachers and mentors at the Tata Steel Foundation.

“The Aakansha Project has impacted several lives since then and has 220 Birhor children enrolled in this project who receive academic support and counseling to take advantage of the learning they receive through formal education,” the statement said.

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