Jharkhand launches an incentive for dairy farmers selling to state dairies

Jharkhand launches an incentive for dairy farmers selling to state dairies

The incentive scheme for dairy farmers was being implemented retrospectively since April this year in Jharkhand and the money will soon be transferred to the beneficiaries.


Jharkhand agriculture department is giving 1 / liter as an incentive for milk producers supplying Medha Dairy, managed by the Jharkhand Milk Federation (JMF). Two and a half million rupees have already been disbursed under the scheme to incentivize growth in the animal husbandry sector and increase milk supply to current and future dairy plants in the state, authorities said.

Medha Dairy has three functional plants in the state that together obtain 130,000 liters of milk every day. Three more milk processing plants are scheduled to come online later this year, leading to increased demand for milk.

“Around 40,000 milk producers currently registered with the federation will benefit from the scheme. Currently, the federation pays up to 34 per liter to suppliers, depending on the quality of the milk. The government will now provide Re 1 per liter as an incentive. The fund will be transferred to the federation, which will also transfer it to the beneficiaries, ”said Shashi Prakash Jha, director of animal husbandry and dairy development in Jharkhand.

Jha said that the scheme was being implemented retrospectively since April this year and that incentives will be transferred to beneficiaries soon. The plan was announced in the state budget and was symbolically launched by agriculture minister Badal Patralekh, who gave checks to some registered milk producers on Monday.

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“The payment of the milk is made in a week. We have already transferred 2.5 crore to the federation for payment under the April, May and June scheme. Payment for the following months would also be made soon. Initially, Rs 4 million was foreseen in the budget. But we expect acquisitions to increase soon, so we will have to increase the budget, ”Jha said.

The official added that there was no possibility of theft as the incentives will be transferred to bank accounts of milk producers registered with the federation.

“We have your data, including bank accounts. We have farmers who sell as little as five liters of milk every day and also those who supply hundreds of liters a day, ”said Jha.

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