Jharkhand Head of Congress Rajesh Thakur: ‘The work done by the government does not reach the masses’

Jharkhand Head of Congress Rajesh Thakur: ‘The work done by the government does not reach the masses’

Days after assuming the position of chairman of the Jharkhand Pradesh Congressional Committee, Rajesh Thakur has presented a plan to renew the state unit plagued by fissures and take stock of the work that congressional ministers are doing.

Talking to The Indian ExpressThakur, who took over the reins of JPCC from Rameshwar Oraon earlier this month, has said his priority will be to promote the work done by the government: Congress is part of the ruling alliance with the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM).

“Somewhere, the government has failed to filter its work to the masses. Some of the key portfolios such as Rural Development, Food, Finance and Health are in Congress and in the next few days, we will do an analysis of their work and tell entry-level workers to spread it to the masses … More still important, is it there? Is the job being done as promised in the manifest or not? The leadership in Delhi will also know the work done in the state, ”Thakur said.

Thakur, 48, has no political lineage and has so far not participated in elections. “Despite this, the leadership experimented with me and I will work hard to make Congress a force to be reckoned with in the state,” he said.

However, the biggest challenge Thakur faces is infighting between parties. JPCC was plagued by internal disputes after the 2019 Lok Sabha debacle with many leaders openly criticizing former JPCC chief Ajoy Kumar, who had written a scathing letter against senior leaders, including Oraon, stating that they were only seeking to “take positions. politicians for personal gain “.

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After Oraon was appointed head of the PCC, the Jharkhand Congress won 16 seats in the 2019 Assembly election in which the Congress-JMM formed the government, however in February a confrontation broke out in the Congressional Office in Ranchi between two factions that sparked a new debate about unity among the workers. .

Speaking about these challenges, Thakur said: “There is a vision that is in tune with the party and when the members see that I have stayed away from favoritism, they will be glued to the party and not the personalities. I just need to set a trend and run it right. “

He hopes to guide party workers and boost coordination with alliance partner JMM through a 20-point program that the government is expected to launch shortly.

“Through this, we will give the workers some kind of purpose. This will also help us to maintain some coordination with the JMM government, ”he said.

Thakur’s political foray began with his entry into NSUI in 1990 while studying at the University of Delhi. Later he joined the Indian Youth Congress in Delhi. However, he returned to his hometown of Bokaro, then in undivided Bihar in 1996. In 2004, he was appointed personal secretary to then-Governor Syed Sibtey Razi. He has been with the JPCC since 2013.

Another great challenge against Thakur is the indiscipline among party members. In the past, several cases have drawn the ire of the opposition. Some of these incidents include: District workers allegedly threw chairs in anger at then-CCP chief Rameshwar Oraon; images of a woman dancing on stage for an agricultural protest in the Saraikela district; comment by former MP Furkaan Ansari against Jharkhand in charge, RPN Singh.

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Thakur also plans to launch a donation drive among party workers. “In 1885, the party was formed. Therefore, I am planning for workers including MLAs and ministers to contribute Rs 1,885 on a frequency according to their ability. This will help the party to deepen in many activities ”.

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