Jharkhand Government Intervention Helps State Women’s Soccer Team Compete in National Championships

Jharkhand Government Intervention Helps State Women’s Soccer Team Compete in National Championships

With the help of the Prime Minister of Jharkhand, Hemant Soren, and the intervention of the state sports department, the state women’s soccer team will participate in the National Championships. This comes just a few days later The bridge reported that Jharkand football teams will not be allowed to compete in the next Santosh Trophy and Women’s National Championships due to internal conflict in the Jharkand Football Association (JFA).

A 20-member team has been selected for the senior women’s national championships to be held in Kerala later this month. In a statement, CM Hemant Soren said: “Sending our best wishes to the Jharkhand senior women’s soccer team, I hope they come out with great success.”

In a short letter, the Indian Football Federation (AIFF) had rejected the JFA’s participation in the upcoming Santosh Trophy and senior women’s national championships. The AIFF took this step after learning of an internal conflict at JFA.

The AIFF said it had received a total of four entries, two from the men’s team and two from the JFA women’s team for the Santosh trophy and the senior women’s national championships, respectively. The president and the honorary secretary of the Jharkhand Football Federation had submitted an entry for each team, while the other two were submitted by the president and the deputy secretary.

After the incident, the AIFF approached the JFA to resolve the issue in order to ensure the smooth running of the state soccer body and the players’ chances of a fair selection in national tournaments. However, there was no positive response from JFA which left no choice for the AIFF but to deny Jharkhand soccer teams from participating in upcoming tournaments.

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Shortly after receiving this information, with leadership from CM Soren, Jharkhand Sporting Director Zeeshan Qamar contacted AIFF. He reported that players should not be denied the opportunity to participate under any circumstances and could also cause problems in the ongoing work between the federation and the state government.

Due to the initiative of the state government, the AIFF allowed the Jharkhand women’s soccer team to compete in the national senior women’s championships. Jharkhand will also organize a camp for the U-17 women’s national team with the help of the state government.

Jharkhand joins Delhi, Goa and Karnataka in their group and will play their first match on November 29, against Karnataka.

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