Jharkhand Cyber ​​Tricks: A Gang Framed 37 Retd UP Cops And Government Officials In Recent Months

Jharkhand Cyber ​​Tricks: A Gang Framed 37 Retd UP Cops And Government Officials In Recent Months

In the first week of July, retired UP Police Deputy Inspector Chote Lal Khan was misled 11 lakh from his bank account, after receiving a call from an unknown person posing as a treasury officer, offering him different government plans and retirement benefits. Callers managed to convince Khan to share his ATM password and bank account information. And in a matter of minutes, the money in your bank account disappeared into different accounts.

Retired Deputy Inspector Udai Veer Singh from Hardoi District was misled by 10 lakh from your bank account. In his case, the callers again posed as treasury officers and managed to get his ATM and bank account details.

Similarly, Deputy Inspector Ram Lakhan Chowdhary and a retired police officer were defrauded. 10 lakh and 9 lakh, respectively.

A retired secretariat official in Lucknow was scammed 53 lakh in the same way.

A senior law enforcement official with the UP CyberCrime Cell said that a notorious cybercriminal, Vijay Mandal aka Pramod Mandal, who along with his accomplice, Mantu Mandal, was arrested on Sunday, was the mastermind behind all of these scams. He was also behind the fraud with at least 37 retired government officials in recent months.

He said all the victims were victims of the same stunt by unknown individuals posing as treasury officers, offering them government plans and retirement benefits, after which they shared their ATM and bank account details.

The official said that Pramod Mandal and Mantu Mandal, both Jharkhand residents, had formed a gang together with some family and friends after training them on cyber fraud tricks. He said five more members of the gang have been identified and efforts are underway to catch them as well.

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He said that Pramod Mandal had assigned specific tasks to his gang members, such as opening fake bank accounts for money transactions and obtaining fake SIM cards to make calls to victims. Some members were trained to make calls to victims, while others were given knowledge on how to withdraw money from bank accounts. They were given a certain amount of money based on the importance of their task.

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