Jharkhand cannot participate in the Santosh trophy, women’s national championship

Jharkhand cannot participate in the Santosh trophy, women’s national championship

No team from Jharkhand will be able to compete in the Santosh trophy and the women’s championship due to “internal conflict” within the management of the Jharkhand Football Association (JFA), the Indian Football Federation (AIFF) said.

In a letter to the state sports department and JFA, AIFF Secretary General Kushal Das alleged that India’s governing body for soccer received two separate teams for competitions and that the state’s main body for soccer did not solved the issue of multi-participant requests. .

The letter accessed in writing reads: “The AIFF received two independent teams for both competitions, one recommended by the President-Hony. Secretary and one recommended by the President-Jt. Secretary.”

“Upon receipt of four (4) lists in total from JFA, AIFF entered into resolution communication with JFA management immediately.

“However, despite repeated attempts by the AIFF to ensure that the rights of players and the ability of the Member Association to participate in national competitions are not affected, the JFA committee did not solve the problem,” added.

According to the AIFF, the team report for the state of Jharkhand, for the women’s championship it is Thursday and for the Santosh Trophy it is November 28.

“In this regard, to ensure that the sanctity of the competitions is protected and the fact that, in any case, no JFA team could reach the required place within the schedule (since the rest of the staff, including the referees, they must also arrive on time for the matches), the AIFF has decided not to host any JFA team for the aforementioned competitions, “the letter reads.

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AIFF said it is “very unfortunate” that the athletes had to suffer due to the JFA’s management as they were unwilling to solve the problem.

“It is very unfortunate that JFA players cannot participate in such prestigious competitions that they provide a livelihood for the participating players,” the letter said.

“To see that the JFA leadership was unwilling to resolve the conflict even after repeated requests from the AIFF, in the interests of the players, is discouraging,” he added.

“The JFA, with utter disregard for the development of female players within the state of Jharkhand, has failed to resolve their conflict. Therefore, the AIFF has no choice but to reject the four lists received from the JFA for the Santosh Trophy and the women’s championship. ”, concluded the AIFF.

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