Jharkhand agrees to auction emerald mines in East Singhbhum | Ranchi News

Jharkhand agrees to auction emerald mines in East Singhbhum |  Ranchi News
RANCHI: After a confrontation with the Center about the incorporation of commercial companies in the state mines and mining sector, Jharkhand On Monday, the government gave its go-ahead to the Union government to begin auctioning the panna (emerald) mines in the Ghatshilla block of the East Singhbhum district.
Furthermore, hopes for the renovation of the closed Surda mines in the same block rose on Monday after the state government said it had made a major decision for the resumption of mining works. However, mines can be restarted only after obtaining approval from the Center and environmental clearance.
The Surda mines are owned by Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL) and have been closed since March 2020, resulting in the elimination of the jobs of approximately 1,500 people.
The event came after Ghatshila MLA Ramdas Soren met with State Secretary for Mining Pooja Singhal on the issue following the consent of Prime Minister Hemant Soren.
After their meeting, a statement from the IPR department issued in the evening read: “The MLA and the mining secretary held a discussion to restart the closed mines of Hindustan Copper Limited located at Surda in Ghatshila. They also discussed the auction of the panna mines. The state government will renew HCL’s mining lease and send it to the Center for authorization. The extraction process can be resumed after obtaining the environmental authorization. ”
Speaking to TOI over the phone, Ramdas said that Hindustan Copper Limited is one of the main power supplies for the Kolhan division, but that it has been grounded since March last year. “After meeting with the Prime Minister and the Secretary of Mining, I hope that the HCL mining lease will be renewed in fifteen days and a proposal will be sent to the Union government to request environmental approval of stage II immediately. Without authorization, mining work cannot start. The state government is committed to generating employment and is hopeful that it will recover soon, ”he said.
The auction The Panna mines process will also be completed in two months, the IPR statement said. “The state government aims to complete the auction process that will generate employment for thousands of people. According to the records, there is a reserve of 11,000 kg of panna in Ghatshila, ”he added.

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