India supports the peace process in Palestine: Shringla

India supports the peace process in Palestine: Shringla

The situation in Afghanistan dominates the procedures of the UN Security Council as the presidency of India comes to an end.

India will support “all efforts” to restart the peace process between Israel and Palestine, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla told the UN Security Council meeting on Monday, which also witnessed the presentation of an important resolution on Afghanistan.

“Given our firm and enduring commitment to the establishment of a sovereign, independent and viable State of Palestine, within secure, recognized and mutually agreed borders, living alongside Israel in peace and security, India will continue to fully support all efforts to restart the peace process, ”Shringla said. The Indian presidency of the United Nations Security Council will end on Tuesday after a month during which the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan dominated the agenda of the main UN body.

Later in the session, a resolution on Afghanistan drafted by the UK and France was considered for discussion and possible vote. The draft resolution seeks the protection of the civilian population and security guarantees for humanitarian access. The text reflects international concerns about the security situation in Afghanistan and its capital, Kabul. The humanitarian access mentioned in the draft resolution is aimed at ensuring that people who are willing to leave Afghanistan can do so in safe circumstances beyond August 31, the deadline for US troops to withdraw from the country.

It is understood that the resolution will be used to enforce an evacuation window for foreign nationals who remain trapped in Kabul. Aside from India and the United States, many other countries have been unable to evacuate their citizens or allied Afghan personnel. At least 180 Hindus and Sikh Afghans remain in Kabul amid indications that the Taliban have delayed granting their permission to travel abroad.

The resolution can also be used to force the Taliban to adhere to some of the basic international humanitarian standards. The Taliban have been demanding to address the issue of representation on behalf of Afghanistan at the UN. But experts here believe that a discussion about the Taliban’s right to represent Afghanistan at the UN is likely to be “pushed” until the group allows the complete evacuation of foreigners and others wishing to leave Afghanistan.

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