India-Pakistan relations are worsening, thanks to statements by Imran Khan

India-Pakistan relations are worsening, thanks to statements by Imran Khan

Khan’s statement shows a basic contradiction: if the commitment to the Modi government is discarded, with whom will Pakistan talk “until the last minute”? Furthermore, the wording suggests a caveat that, of course, India should simply ignore.

The fact is that Kashmir is a manifestation of Pakistan’s view that India is a permanent enemy. In moments of frankness, some Pakistanis admit that even if the “Kashmir dispute” is resolved, bilateral ties will remain problematic because, they stress, India is “hegemonic.” In fact, General Pervez Musharraf said so shortly after he became head of the Pakistani army.

It is also interesting that Khan wants “logic and sanity” to be the guides in solving the Kashmir problem. Certainly, Pakistan has never shown sanity in Kashmir. He has become obsessed with it to his own detriment. As for logic, the Pakistani position has been devoid of it. With the consolidation of religious extremism and fundamentalist theologies in Pakistan, it is impossible to foresee that Pakistan will become “sane and logical” in its approaches to India.

(The writer is a former secretary [West], Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He can be reached @VivekKatju. This is an opinion piece and the opinions expressed above are those of the author. The Quint does not endorse or is responsible for them.)

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