India and Europe to work closely together on aviation security; DGCA and EASA sign an agreement

India and Europe to work closely together on aviation security;  DGCA and EASA sign an agreement
NEW DELHI: India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) signed a working agreement on Tuesday to strengthen their relationship and achieve common safety and environmental protection standards.
India and Europe have agreed to work closely together in the field of aviation by signing an agreement that could lead to harnessing India’s true potential to become a major aircraft and engine design and manufacturing center.
Aimed at promoting cooperation; understanding each other’s regulatory systems and facilitating the exchange of aeronautical products, services and personnel, the agreement “is the result of intense negotiations between the two parties over several years and marks an important milestone in strengthening the relationship between India and Europe in the world of aviation ”, says the agreement.
“When a party grants a production approval for the manufacture of an aircraft, engine or propeller on the basis of the design approval issued by the other party to carry out the functions and obligations of the design state, both parties will be assured. ..that there is an agreement or arrangement acceptable to them between the manufacturing organization and the organization responsible for type design that ensures that: (A) the manufacturing organization has the right of access to approved design data relevant for purposes of production and (B) the manufacturing organization cooperates with the organization responsible for the type design in the evaluation of the information about the design, the manufacture and the operation of the aircraft, the engine or the propeller in question ”, says the agreement .
The agreement says that through this working agreement, India and EASA intend to develop closer collaboration in various domains.
These include: “Cooperation in the development of standards, including the exchange of information and best practices, in order to support the implementation of harmonized aviation security and environmental protection requirements. Facilitate the issuance or acceptance of certificates for products, spare parts and household appliances. Exchange of safety information, including cooperation on the continued airworthiness of products, parts and appliances in service accepted or approved in application of the Agreement for work and technical training and development of professional personnel ”, says EASA.

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