If the people of J&K lose their patience, you will disappear: Mehbooba Mufti warns the Center

If the people of J&K lose their patience, you will disappear: Mehbooba Mufti warns the Center

Asking the Center to learn a lesson from the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, former Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Mehbooba Mufti, sounded a warning to New Delhi on Saturday, saying that if the J&K folks “lose your patience, you won’t stay, you (too) will disappear.”

Mufti also had a word of caution for the Afghan Taliban, saying “the role of weapons is over.”

Mufti was addressing a public rally in Kulgam, southern Kashmir, during a rare public rapprochement by top political leaders in the Valley since the repeal of J & K’s special status and demotion of the status to two Union Territories in August. of 2019.

“Patience needs courage. What the people of Jammu and Kashmir are enduring … the day they lose their patience, you will not stay either, you will disappear, ”said Mufti. “I tell you over and over again: don’t try our patience; understand and correct (yourself) “.

Mufti urged the Center to learn the lessons of the Taliban’s capture of Afghanistan and resolve the Kashmir issue through dialogue. “Understand what is happening in the neighborhood…. Such a great power, the United States, had to fold its beds and come back, ”he said. “You (the Center) still have a chance. The way (former Prime Minister Atal Bihari) Vajpayee-ji started a dialogue, with outside (Pakistan) and here (at J&K), it (should) also start a dialogue. “

Referring to the abrogation of the special status and the fork of the old state in UT, Mufti said: “What he has illegally and unconstitutionally stolen from us – the identity of J&K – that he has distorted, and the pieces he made to J & K…. correct this mistake, otherwise it would be too late, “he said.

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The head of the PPD accused the BJP-led Center of misusing central agencies such as the NIA, the CBI and the Directorate of Enforcement to crush dissent and political opponents. Warning of community polarization, he said that if the BJP is not amended, India would split into many parts along community and religious lines.

On the Afghanistan situation, Mufti said: “They (the Taliban) made the United States flee Afghanistan, but now the world is watching their (Taliban) behavior. I urge the Taliban not to commit any act that will force the world to go against them. The role of weapons is over. “

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