Goa Police Arrest Mastermind of Fake Jharkhand College Admission Scam | Goa News

Goa Police Arrest Mastermind of Fake Jharkhand College Admission Scam |  Goa News
PANAJI: The Goa policeThe cybercrime cell on Tuesday arrested the mastermind of a bogus college admissions scam in Jharkhand.
Crime branch SP Shobhit Saxena He said that the cell received a complaint alleging that the author, under the pretext that he was being offered admission to a renowned medical school in Bengaluru, had been scammed out of 10 lakh rupees.
The author allegedly received an email from the medical school, confirming the admission, for which he was told to pay Rs 10 lakh as an upfront fee. Fearing of losing admission, the plaintiff paid the money online to a bank account.
Immediately after receiving the complaint, the investigation began. Various layers of technical data were analyzed to identify the beneficiaries behind the fake bank accounts given as university bank accounts.
The accused was identified as Ashutosh Kumar. A cybercrime cell team overseen by Prashal desai and led by ISP Sarvesh Sawant was sent to Gaya and Dhanbad to track down the accused. With the help of the Jharkhand and Bihar police, the accused was eventually arrested.
Upon questioning, the defendant stated that he would make bogus KYC documents to open bank accounts and then lure vulnerable people seeking admissions to pay money after promising admission. Only once people showed up to college for admission would they realize that they had been misled.

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