February Polls Will Decide If Cong’s Punjab Tactic Was Cunning | India News

February Polls Will Decide If Cong’s Punjab Tactic Was Cunning |  India News
NEW DELHI: The midnight coup that pushed Congressional satrap Amarinder Singh out of the office of Punjab’s chief minister is a gamble that would be tested in the February assembly elections and would decide the intelligence or not of the radical movement and surgical.
The descent of the Punjab Congress in less than a year from viewing the assembly elections as a seemingly one-way affair to a picture of unease among lawmakers about their prospects had the towering figure of Amarinder Singh at its center. Akali Dal’s humiliation in 2017 ensured the regional party struggled to regain its credibility, given the debilitating blow from Singh’s campaign, while protests over the three new farm laws raised the possibility of a friendly camp.
But, curiously, the favorable atmosphere of not so long ago gave way to a palpable sense of fear among the members of justice who began to complain that the situation on the ground is a challenge for the party, since they decided to blame it on Singh’s administration gates. The sacrilege case, which the ambitious and nonconformist Navjot Sidhu clung to, set off a chain of events that propelled the former cricketer to the post of state president.
Sidhu’s cunning decision to use the powerful perch to amplify the grievances of the MLAs with the relentless persecution of Bete Noire Singh, which reeked of reverse vendetta, ended with the change of CM. Now, it is up to the Punjab Congress, led by Sidhu, to show that the rocking of the boat was a smart move to quell perceived popular anger against Singh.
The anti-Singh campaign has been fueled by the claim that the Aam Aadmi Party was gaining ground in Punjab and has even overtaken Congress in popular perception. Singh’s side constantly scuttled the assessment while calling it a devious plan to scuttle him.
Much would now also depend on the next step Singh takes in the next few days. If he reconciles himself with the new reality and accepts an adviser position in the party, it would be a relief to Congress. But if it severs or uses its newfound freedom to undermine Congress, the party may have a serious challenge at hand.
The unknowns leave no way out for Sidhu and the leadership of Congress in the event of a failure in the future.

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