Do you want to break UPSC? This Jharkhand DSP is ready to teach you in his paathshala for free | Trends

Do you want to break UPSC?  This Jharkhand DSP is ready to teach you in his paathshala for free |  Trends

The Union Public Service Commission exam can give anyone who wants it nightmares. It is considered the most difficult of all the exams in the country. Yet millions prepare for it despite the challenges involved, wanting to serve the nation in the best possible way by ruling it as a chief official.

Given the level of competence and breadth of UPSC’s syllabus, it involves extensive study and a wealth of study materials. Aspirants from different backgrounds have difficulties acquiring and understanding, and not everyone can afford to invest in learning. This is where the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Vikas Chandra Srivastava, decided to collaborate.

DSP Vikas Chandra Srivastava. (Facebook)

Taking time off from duty, Srivastava has launched an online YouTube channel, DSP Ki Paathshala, to teach, motivate and guide applicants to pass the Indian government exams. And you are doing all of this completely free! The channel is already being visited by hundreds of students.

Initiative began to provide quality education to poor students who want to pass public administration exams but cannot afford training classes. With this, students from the most remote places can attend.

“My goal is to remove test phobia from children’s minds and encourage them to learn not only for good grades but for general development as well. They must do their job honestly, as being a good citizen is the main goal of education, ”says DSP.

He has been helping people for years. During his post on Deoghar as SDPO, Srivastava visited a library to take similar classes offline. They gave him a smart board that the officer uses to date. He also used to visit schools and institutions to inspire students.

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Soon after, he began guiding students through the Zoom app. But the number of applicants multiplied during the coronavirus crisis, so the DSP had to resort to creating a YouTube channel at the request of its student.

“DSP ki Paathshala launched on July 11 and I am taking classes four days a week for one hour each, for both the UPSC and Jharkhand civil services exams. There are eight WhatsApp groups, which are used to make important announcements, ”reported Srivastava.

These WhatsApp groups have become the means to clear other doubts.

“My approach to teaching is different from the traditional method. I make the most of diagrams and pictures to make it easier for students to understand in less time. To do this, I have to stay updated and connected with the outside world, which also helps in the development of my personality ”, he adds.

The policeman also said that he embarked on this educational mission with the desire to share what he had learned in life with “the future of this country” so that they could benefit from it.

“Police officers tend to have a very busy schedule, but you have to take time to do your bit to change society and make the world a better place,” he concludes.

If you are one of them, aiming for the stars, why wait? Subscribe to ‘DSP Ki Paathshala’ right away!

This story was first published in Life beyond the numbers.

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