Delhi Police Arrest 14 Jamtara Cyber ​​Scammers in Jharkhand | Delhi News

Delhi Police Arrest 14 Jamtara Cyber ​​Scammers in Jharkhand |  Delhi News
NEW DELHI: Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell arrested 14 cyber scammers from Jamtara in Jharkhand on Tuesday. They were operating a great ruckus in Jamtara, Deoghar, GiridihAnd Jamui.
“We have thrown ‘Cyber ​​prahar‘Part 2, targeting India’s cybercrime hot spot, “said Anyesh Roy, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Delhi Police Cybercell, according to ANI.
The masterminds of cybercrime are Altaf Ansari aka ‘Rockstar’ and Gulam Ansari aka ‘Master Ji’.
Altaf has so many calls under him.
It keeps people where it operates from to monitor any possible police movement.
The defendant was used primarily to commit fraud related to UPI payments.
These scammers induce victims to make payments through UPI by posing as themselves or using technology on behalf of KYC, or by blocking bank accounts or SIM cards, Anyesh Roy said.
According to the police, these scammers have increased their use of technology in the recent past.
Previously, they used to randomly call victims and ask for bank details.
They no longer use this method.
They create temporary websites and send bulk messages that contain short URLs.
These 14 arrested scammers are linked to 36 cases reported on the National Cybercrime Reporting portal from nine states.
They cheated approximately Rs 1.2 crore in these 36 cases.
They admitted to cheating four or five people a day.

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