‘Conspiracy’ to destabilize Jharkhand government: Two defendants name BJP leaders in plot; they deny

‘Conspiracy’ to destabilize Jharkhand government: Two defendants name BJP leaders in plot;  they deny

Three members of the ruling coalition in Jharkhand had allegedly accompanied the three people arrested in a case of alleged conspiracy to destabilize Hemant Soren’s government to New Delhi, where they met with two BJP Maharashtra leaders, among “others”, as part of the alleged conspiracy, have said two of the three defendants in a statement recorded to the police.

Both Nagpur district BJP leaders, Chandrashekhar Bawankule, a former state energy minister and former Kamptee MLA, and Charan Singh Thakur, a Katol party councilor in Nagpur district, flatly denied the allegations. They said they had never visited Jharkhand or knew enough about the state to even think of such a conspiracy.

Maharashtra BJP Chief Spokesperson Keshav Upadhye said: “All charges brought against the state BJP and its leaders are unfounded. There is not an iota of truth in the accusations…. Even the Jharkhand MLAs have denied the allegations. “

Arrested defendant Abhishek Dubey, who works as a contractor in Jharkhand, and Niwaran Prasad Mahato, who unsuccessfully challenged the 2019 state elections from Bokaro, said in their statement to Jharkhand police on July 22 that they were approached by the third defendant. arrested, Amit Singh. , to be part of the MLA’s “kharid-farok (horse exchange)” in an attempt to destabilize the Soren government.

His statements do not mention the three MLAs in the ruling coalition.

The three defendants were arrested on Saturday, two days after a case was registered at Ranchi’s Kotwali Police Station regarding a complaint from Bermo’s MLA Congress, Kumar Jaimangal, which claimed the trio was involved in the conspiracy. .

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In their statement to the police, Dubey and Mahato said that they left Ranchi on July 15 with the three Jharkhand MLAs and met Bawankule and Thakur in Delhi together with an “intermediary” named Jai Kumar Belkhede.

Dubey’s statement says the three MLAs went to a hotel in Delhi’s Dwarka and reportedly met with “senior leaders for 15 minutes.”

According to Dubey, the three MLAs were offered Rs 1 crore the next day, July 16. But receiving no money, they left Delhi for Ranchi, he told police.

In his statement, Mahato said: “(After) we became friends, he (Singh) approached me to arrange a meeting with some members of the community…. We left for Delhi on July 15 and after the meeting they left. We left for Ranchi on July 17, while Abhishek Dubey stayed in Delhi with Belkhede … “

Of Ranchi, Mahato said he went to Bokaro. “Apart from us, Belkhede, (the) MLA of Maharashtra and the intermediaries and financiers were involved in this whole conspiracy,” he said in his statement.

His statements mention a few others, who were apparently financiers or intermediaries in the alleged conspiracy.

The police have yet to explain the modus operandi; They have only issued a press release, in which they claim that the three defendants have claimed to be involved in a conspiracy against the government and planned to destabilize it.

In the 81-member Jharkhand Assembly, the Soren JMM has 30 MLA, while the Allied Congress has 16 and RJD 1. The BJP has 25 MLA and the JVM (P) 3, while 4 are independent.

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Dismissing the allegations, Bawankule told the media in Nagpur: “I am a very small worker (BJP). I work in Maharashtra as general secretary of the party. I have no relationship with Jharkhand. I haven’t even been to Jharkhand. I don’t have the aukaat (ability) to bring down the government there. “

Calling it a conspiracy to smear BJP, Bawankule said: “I don’t know how my name came up in this matter…. The police will investigate ”.

Thakur said: “I am a small man from Katol, where I am just a party group leader on the city council. I rarely dare to leave Katol…. I haven’t even seen Jhankhand. “

When asked how his name featured in the controversy, Thakur said, “That’s the question for me too.”

Thakur is a former head of the Katol City Council and was the candidate of the Katol constituency BJP for the 2019 Assembly elections. He was defeated by Anil Deshmukh of NCP.

Jaikumar Belkhede, who runs a training academy called ‘Tango Charlie’ in Katol for aspiring army and police recruits, could not be reached for comment. Belkhede, a former CRPF member, was arrested for his alleged involvement in the 2014 and 2017 Army recruitment examination document leaking cases. Thakur denied that Belkhede had any connection to the BJP.

– With contributions from Vivek Deshpande in Nagpur and ENS, Mumbai

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