Colonial mentality of developed nations hinders India’s development: Prime Minister Modi | India News

Colonial mentality of developed nations hinders India’s development: Prime Minister Modi |  India News
NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday attacked the colonial mentality of developed nations that tries to restrict developing nations like India from using those resources and paths that they themselves took to develop and lamented that some in India are using points Western benchmarks and environment to hinder the progress of the country
Speaking at the Constitution Day celebration in Vigyan Bhawan, the prime minister said: “Today there are no colonies of any country in the world, but the colonial mentality has not ceased to exist. This mentality is giving birth to many biased ideas. Obvious example of this are the impediments placed in the (path of) progress of the developing countries. The resources and the path that led the western countries to reach the status of ‘developed’, today attempts are being made to restrict the same resources and the same path for developing nations. ”
“In recent decades, these attempts have received various nomenclatures. But the internal agenda of all these attempts is the same: to stop the progress of developing nations. They are also trying to hijack the environment as a problem to achieve this end. his example live in CO a few weeks ago, “he said.
Modi also said that the “separation of powers” (between legislative, executive and judicial) is often talked about and strongly reiterated. But to take the country to new heights when it celebrates the centenary of independence, for which the government has set extraordinary goals, all institutions must come together to achieve those goals that are a common goal.
Without referring to numerous PILs from activists on environmental issues in the Supreme Court that led to the stagnation of many hydroelectric projects, road construction and power plants, the prime minister said that although India is among the leading nations focusing on fuels clean and various green measures, and the only country that is going to achieve the goals set out in the Paris Agreement, various kinds of pressure are exerted to distract it from its goal of achieving the benefits of developing to each and every citizen in every corner of the country.
He said that those who do this (prevent development) do not face the consequences. “The consequences of his action cause anguish to a mother whose son cannot study due to a stagnation of a power plant, to a father who cannot take his sick son to the hospital due to poorly constructed roads. The impact is felt by the class. average, that they cannot enjoy modern facilities as they go beyond what they can afford. This colonial mentality has turned the hopes and aspirations of millions of people into despair, “he said.
“The judiciary has an important role in” Sabka Prayas “(collective effort). In our discussions, we often hear and reiterate” separation of powers “. The separation of powers between the executive, judicial and legislative powers is very important. The next 25 years, a collective determination is necessary. Whatever the common man has today, he deserves much more … To make this dream come true, we all have to work with collective responsibility. Without compromising the ‘separation of powers’ we have to draw the roadmap of collective responsibility to lead the country towards the desired goal, “said the prime minister.

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