Coal India owes a lot of money to Jharkhand, may stop company operations: CM Hemant Soren | India News

Coal India owes a lot of money to Jharkhand, may stop company operations: CM Hemant Soren |  India News
RANCHI: Chief Minister Hemant Soren On Thursday he said that if the BJP opponent supports him, he can stop working. Coal India Limited (CIL), which owes Rs 1.5 lakh crore to Jharkhand Government in the state.
Despite that, the Center is automatically debiting huge funds from Jharkhand’s RBI account, Soren said at the assembly and attacked the central government for its alleged partisan approach to states not ruled by the BJP.
“If the main opposition party (BJP) supports me, I can make the decision to stop Coal India’s work. It owes Rs 1.5 lakh crore to the state.
“When we raise the issue, a central minister comes and the CIL pays Rs 50 crore or Rs 100 crore. So far, only Rs 300 crore has been received,” the prime minister said during the last day of the Monsoon assembly session. . .
However, he said he does not want to make such a decision that will affect the central government and render other states powerless.
Soren alleged that the Center is not giving the state its due, but is instead deducting billions of rupees from its account.
Earlier, BJP lawmaker Dhullu Mahto asked a question related to compensation to people displaced due to CIL projects in the Dhanbad region, to which Soren said the PSU was not responding to requests from the state government.
In July, Soren had asked the CIL to immediately pay the outstanding fees of 56 billion rupees in lieu of government land allocated to him for mining.
In attacking the BJP, Soren said the party has not been able to digest the defeat in polls in Jharkhand or neighboring West Bengal.
“During the elections in West Bengal, it looked like it was a war between India and Pakistan. One should accept defeat. The opposition also has its role. We also spent five years in the opposition,” Soren said.
The BJP-led central government is deducting money from the consolidated account on behalf of Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) dues citing an agreement signed in the past, while the state has limited resources, he said.
To settle the DVC fees, the Union power ministry recently Rs 715 crore was automatically debited from Jharkhand RBI account.
The then Jharkhand government of the BJP in 2017 had made a deal with the Center and had signed a tripartite agreement between the State, the Center and the RBI.
The pact was an arrangement for the payment mechanism of pending energy bills to the DVC and other PSUs that supply energy to the state. It had an automatic debit clause if the state didn’t pay your bill against the purchase.
Soren also defended his government’s decision to promote the regional languages ​​mentioned in the employment policy and the reservation for 10 years in the appointment of Class III and IV personnel for state service.
“How illegal has it been made if I am promoting regional languages? Shouldn’t we promote languages? This will help the absorption of local and tribal population into jobs,” he said.
Legislation to provide 75 percent of jobs to locals in the private sector will benefit the people of the state, Soren said.
“The poor, the oppressed and the Dalits will benefit. The Indian government is also realizing the power of the country’s CBO,” he said.
He said that 5 lakh more farmers will get the Kisan credit card in addition to the 2 lakh they are already receiving the service.

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