Chinese Hackers Threaten India’s Critical Infrastructure: CEO, Recorded Future

Chinese Hackers Threaten India’s Critical Infrastructure: CEO, Recorded Future

Its latest reports say that China stepped up cyberattacks during the 2020 Galwan Valley clashes.

When clashes occurred on the India-China border, cyber incursions took place simultaneously, infiltrating energy dispatch centers in India.

In the past two years, we have seen 60 intrusions into India by a number of actors from the Chinese Ministry of State Security and the PLA, targeting the government, defense and telecommunications. We zeroed in on the exact locations of a Chinese cyber unit in Xinjiang province, and after placing it on a map and publishing it, there were strong negatives from the Chinese government.

China has been targeting the United States, stealing not only intellectual property, but also defense technologies. But after the agreement between the US and China in 2015 that no government would support or engage in theft of intellectual property and follow the appropriate standards of state behavior in cyberspace, China shifted focus and India ended up in the crosshairs.

Are you collaborating with the Indian government?

Yes. We love to collaborate with India and we are keeping an eye on the government. We have encountered Chinese hackers targeting media, healthcare, defense, telecommunications, energy, and other critical infrastructure. Hackers are also trying to create databases of soldiers and journalists by stealing their information while searching for targets who can be recruited as spies. We have previously notified the Indian authorities about a series of attacks.

Is India Transparent In Acknowledging Its Cyber ​​Vulnerabilities?

The United States was doing the same until ten years ago. He denied everything, but over a period of time, people have learned the advantage of revelations. The new directive from Joe Biden’s management is that any non-compliance must be reported within 48 hours.

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India may have a similar law at some point. The best information security officer is the one who comes out and says that’s the problem and shares the incident that can then become intelligence for the rest of the world.

Does India need to build more cyber defense capabilities?

India is disproportionately strong in information technology capabilities, but less invested in security. India may catch up as you don’t have to work from scratch but simply divert some money to safety. Right now, if you look at the United States, the department of homeland security is very open and uses social media to talk about cyber threats (such as the rise of ransomware attacks in the healthcare sector or cyberattacks during elections. 2016) and there is a lot of collaboration between the NSA, the FBI and those who want to work in the field. India can do the same.

Another challenge India may need to address soon is that Indian companies handle a large number of IT supply chains. When there is a problem, there are a million questions that worry customers. We are impressed by the efforts of the Indian outsourcing companies and we are sure they will fill in the gaps.

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