Canada Extends Ban on Flights to India: What Are the Options for Travelers?

Canada Extends Ban on Flights to India: What Are the Options for Travelers?
Written by Pranav Mukul, edited by Explained Desk | New Delhi |

Updated: August 11, 2021 9:22:05 am

Transport Canada, the North American country’s transportation department, has further extended the ban on direct flights from India until September 21. This extension has come at a time when various jurisdictions have relaxed restrictions for Indian travelers. The decision is expected to further exacerbate the plight of those applying for student visas for higher education in Canada.

Why has Canada extended the flight ban?

In a statement, Transport Canada said that the country’s gradual approach to easing border measures is based on continuous monitoring of available data and scientific evidence, including the vaccination rate of Canadians and the improvement of the epidemiological situation. Therefore, based on the advice of the Public Health Agency of Canada, the transportation department extended the ban on direct flights from India.

Is there any option for Indians to fly to Canada?

While direct flights are prohibited, Canada allows Indian travelers to enter its borders through an indirect route. However, the stipulation is that anyone entering Canada in transit through a third country must have a Covid19 molecular test from a country other than India before continuing their journey to Canada. Additionally, Canada’s department of transportation said its government continues to closely monitor the epidemiological situation and will work closely with the government of India and aviation operators to ensure proper procedures are in place to allow for a safe return of flights. direct as soon as the conditions are met. Excuse me.

What are the travel restrictions for other countries?

Apart from Canada, many countries that had closed their borders to Indian travelers in the context of the second wave of Covid19 here, have now partially relaxed their rules. These include the USA, which now allows students to enter, the UK, which moved India from its ‘Red’ list to ‘Amber’, meaning there is no mandatory institutional quarantine, and the United Arab Emirates , which allows resident visa holders and transit passengers from India. Furthermore, European countries such as Germany, France and Spain have also opened their borders to Indian travelers.

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