Bengal taxi driver returns lost bag with cash and mobile to Jharkhand couple

Bengal taxi driver returns lost bag with cash and mobile to Jharkhand couple

A taxi driver from Calcutta in West Bengal returned documents and money to a Jharkhand couple, who left their belongings in their vehicle. Jharkhand resident Munawar Rana filed a missing property complaint at Howrah Police Station on 16 August. On August 18, the driver returned Rana’s belongings after keeping them safe for three days.

Rana arrived at Howrah train station from the Kestopur area of ​​Kolkata with his wife on August 15. In a hurry to catch the train, they left the suitcase in the taxi. However, at the station, they realized that they had lost their suitcase and then decided not to board the train. Later, Rana filed a police report, saying she lost a suitcase in a taxi. He said there were two mobile phones, an ATM card and Rs 10,000 in cash.

As soon as the complaint was received, officers from Howrah Police Station informed the traffic police. Later, the traffic police viewed CCTV footage from August 15 to obtain the identity of a taxi driver.

According to the police, in the CCTV footage, Rana with his wife was seen getting out of the taxi. “We wrote down the license plate of the taxi and with the help of our system we traced the identity of the driver,” police said.

Laxman Kumar, the taxi driver, was called by the police. Laxman informed police that he was keeping the bag safe. On Wednesday night, Laxman himself came from Kolkata and returned the lost bag to Rana in Howrah.

The policemen and the couple thanked the taxi driver for his honesty. He was later rewarded by the police for his honesty.

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