Accenture and Microsoft to support 10 social startups in India

Accenture and Microsoft to support 10 social startups in India
Pune: Accenture and Microsoft in India are supporting 10 startups, which focus on social impact and sustainability, helping them scale their emerging solutions and business models. The joint initiative, called Project Amplify, will work with 33 startups in the Asia Pacific region. The initiative extends the activities launched in South Asia in 2020 to Singapore, Australia, Japan and Sri Lanka, among others. This is part of a long-term goal to accelerate the potential of Asia and improve the lives of millions of people in the region by tackling various societal challenges.

“Social enterprises face many challenges, including access to technology and the innovation expertise to scale their solutions,” said Sanjay Podder, managing director and innovation leader in technology sustainability at Accenture. “By leveraging the technology expertise and networks of Accenture and Microsoft, we can help close this gap. As these social enterprises expand their reach, we expect to see a significant improvement in the status of vulnerable groups in our communities who need support in matters of sustainability. health, education and agriculture “.

Indian startups participating in this include Jaljeevika, eKutir, Everwell, Fluxgen, Docturnal, BrainSight AI, Fresh On Table, FreshR, Rocket Learning, and Blink Foundation. These startups selected for the program have demonstrated how their products, services, and operations address a significant social or environmental issue and have shown early signs of impact.

Through Project Amplify in India, the 10 startups will have the opportunity to access the latest technologies, as well as knowledge, experience and mentorship from Accenture and Microsoft. Businesses will help startups test and validate proof of concepts to re-visualize and expand the impact and social benefit of their solutions.

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“At Microsoft, we empower organizations and individuals to achieve more, through joint innovations and trusted partnerships. We are committed to addressing some of India’s most pressing challenges, including expanding access to healthcare, education and finance. Many of the social enterprises at Project Amplify are focused on solving these problems, and we are honored to support them with the technology, expertise and ecosystem they need to scale and make meaningful change, “said Lathika Pai , National Director of Venture Capital and Private Equity Associations, Microsoft India.

Accenture will focus on helping startups apply technologies to address critical challenges facing the environment and society and to advance organizations’ sustainability agendas. Microsoft’s participation in Project Amplify is part of its Global Social Entrepreneurship program designed to help social enterprises build and scale their businesses to perform well globally. The Global Social Entrepreneurship program offers qualified startups access to technology, education, clients, and grants.


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